Saturday, June 8, 2013


Whatever you dream is possible


AND you can make it


Persevere, stay positive,

get creative! 



Renounce the doubt that tends to creep in around the edges of your brain, right now


Sure, there may be some level of uncertainty, but there is nothing that says you have to entertain it.


So why not go for it?  It is your choice THINK THE BEST OF YOURSELF don't let life pass you by, just start moving forward. 







You are your own Dream Weaver and only you can make your dreams come true




Why not put them to use, in your favor?


Of course, I can hear you now

"That's easy for you to say, you have no idea how bad things have gotten.  My car is getting repossessed, my house is in foreclosure,

the bank account is overdrawn...


my career is on a downward spiral and I can't even begin to tell you about the physical aspects of it all." 



"What is there to be positive about?"


and my personal favorite


"I am so overwhelmed with the details of life I can't even SEE the big picture. 


I wouldn't even know where to begin to even HAVE a dream, let alone hold on to any hope!"


We all have a recording we listen to.  The more often we listen to it, the longer it gets.  It is the list of Dread, Doom and Gloom.  We incessantly go over it again, and again, and again, thus creating a cyclical, revolving, cyclone camping in our brain


These 'storms' are clouding your judgment!



The impending, never ending, barrage of 'negatives' that impact our daily lives, giving them the power to influence our every thought, action and yes, even our in-action.



Learning to put these thoughts to rest can take some time (depending on how long you have been building your 'list').  The easiest way to reconfigure this cycle is to simply throw away the key,


but alas, we are stubborn creatures of habit and once programmed against our true nature

it SEEMS unlikely if not impossible to fathom any other way of thinking. 


You may not even be aware of the masterful digression you have been painstakingly gorging your inner sanctum with!


Staying focused on the positive aspects of your true desires is a lot easier than you may think. 


Once you realize that you are nowhere near where you are supposed to be and that there is a choice AND you have the ability to change directions at any given time, all you have to do is Believe in yourself and START~



You have the right to live life to its fullest potential,

this is a FACT.


 You also have the POWER to recreate your way of thinking.  




It is a simple process, really. 





or through your own style of chaos...


you can stop being the anchor that holds you to the negative





re-direct the traffic of ongoing dialogue to


the Recycle Bin!







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